My tools

What I use everyday?

I often receive messages asking about specific pieces of software or hardware that I use. This page is a living document with everything I'm using today.

My workspace ⌨️

  • Computer. IMHO, the best quality/price computer a Frontend Developer could get is one with Apple M chip series. I have a Mackbook pro 16" M1 chip. 500GB of storage and 32GB RAM. When working from home, I use it as my secondary monitor as well.
  • Monitor. I prefer wide-monitor over having 2 monitors. Mine is LG 34" UltraWide™ Display Ergo. I love the Ergo Stand and how easy is to hide all the wires (yes, I am that person).
  • Keyboard. I am a mechanical keyboards collector. My favorite ones are Keychron's K series. My day-to-day keyboard right now is Keychron K2 (hot swapabble) or K3 ultra-slim if I am traveling or working from a coffee shop.
  • Mouse. Logitech MX Master 3. Best. Mouse. Ever.
  • Music. I switch between 3 different music devices: Alexa, Airpods Pro and Sony M4. What do I usually listen to? Videogame’s soundtracks, it helps me to focus 100% on my tasks.
  • Desktop. I don’t like to be sitted all day, so I bought a standing desk frame and created my own table with wood and other materials I found at my closest Home Depot.
  • Chair. Talking about sitting, I can't emphasize enough how important a good chair is. Mine is the Embody, from Herman Miller.
  • Extra accessories. I use other extra accessories for comfort, such as a keyboard mouse mat, headphones stand, desk shelf, laptop dock, coasters, and more. All of them are from Oakywood.

Editor + terminal 🧑🏽‍💻

  • Code Editor. Visual Studio Code is my current code editor. It just has everything I need.
  • Font. I use MonoLisa and Jetbrains Mono. Yes, I did pay €59 for a font like MonoLisa, but it's worth every penny.
  • Terminal. I use iTerm2 with Starship, a terminal prompt that shows useful information such as the current directory, last task execution time, Git status, etc.

Desktop Apps ⌨️

  • Browser. The Arc browser is the Chrome replacement I've been waiting for.
  • Passwords Manager. I use1password. Easy and secure.
  • Productivity. For me, Alfredis a tool that at this point is essential to the Mac OS operating system. It would be really hard to go back to a life without the shortcuts and functionality it enables.
  • Windows manager. There aren't many thing about Windows 10 that I wish Apple would copy, but window management is one of them.Magnetis the solution for it.
  • Notes. Notionis not just my notes app. Is my digital brain.
  • JS playground. RunJSis a simple and lightweight application for JS/TS coding and code execution.